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Get the Best Shower Installation

Whether it’s the start of the day or the end, there’s nothing like taking a hot shower to relax. Taking a hot shower is an effective way to maintain personal hygiene. Our plumbing Wellington FL ensures the installation of new showers the same day. Is your shower dull, stained, and cracked? 

Stop wasting your time repairing, and call Palm Plumber & Air. We are proud to offer homeowners high-quality replacement showers and tub-to-shower conversions. From designer showers to budget shower heads, we are experts in installing all types of bathroom fixtures. We are the best installers in Florida and the areas of Wellington. Know more about our expertise in shower installation by consulting with us.

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Why rely on our Plumbing in Florida?

With our plumbing agency, you will find the shower that you’ll love. We have extensive shower installation services that are practical for modern homeowners. Here are some reasons why you should choose us for shower installation in Florida.

If you want to learn more about our shower installers, consult with us.

Get Creative Shower Replacement Ideas and Options

At Palm Plumber & Air, we strive hard to convert the ideas of our consumers into reality. Our certified installers can help you design the refreshing oasis you want. However, we are not your usual plumbers. We typically offer creative ideas to homeowners on how they can transform their bathrooms. 

We use your choice of elegant showerheads, premium fixtures, elegant glass doors, etc. Beyond the customized services, the new showers installed by us are pretty durable. Our Wellington plumbing suppliesare designed to last and are trusted by tons of homeowners. Some of the integral traits of our showers are as follows:

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Easy Cleaning

Non-porous surfaces in the showers resist the accumulation of mold and mildew. Therefore, our showers are pretty easy to clean

Damage-Free Usage

Our showers include components that are covered under warranty. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about frequent and expensive repairs.

Quick Installation

Our shower installer can replace the fixture within a single day. We provide swift services in all areas of Wellington.

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We are Florida’s Best Plumbers

With a comprehensive assessment of your bathroom, we will custom-fit a shower to your existing shower. We are also your best plumbing agency for tub-to-shower conversions. We install showers that have the ideal mix of style and strength. 

We have the supplies, services, and experience to bring you the bathroom of your dreams. Moreover, we will keep you in the loop regardingthe new shower installation cost. Our plumbing company offers the best deals on new showers and their installation in Florida. For more information, schedule a free consultation with us. 

A shower remodelsis a good investment and increases the value of your property. At Palm Plumber & Air, you can choose showers from a wide range of colors and styles. Moreover, if you have a contemporary bathroom, we will help you select the right shower. Get customized and professional shower installation services in Wellington from us.